Iceland, why?

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Iceland: an isolated island close by the North Pole, fascinating and unusual destination.  As I did my research to make my plans for this trip I gradually fell in love with this place: glaciers, black sand beaches, volcanos, Northern Lights…  So many natural wonders I almost couldn’t believe they were real.

But when I told people my vacation plans,  one particular question came up many times: Iceland, why?  I believe people in general don’t even think about this country and some of them have some difficulty placing it in the map.

Have you ever thought about visiting Iceland?  Well, I did and I listed 5 answers for that question.

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1) Because it is for free

Iceland’s natural beauty is available to whoever wants to drive around the country.  It is not necessary to drive much to feel inside a post card.  That is Iceland : generous and impressive.

Diamond Beach

2) Because the sky will never be the same

Once you have the chance to see the Northern Lights you’ll never look at the sky the same way.  In Iceland it is just a matter to look up and be prepared to get completely fascinated by colorful light waves.



3) Because you’re going to lose your breath

Being in Iceland sometimes made me feel as I was in a different planet.  From glaciers to geysers, from lava fields to black sand beaches, every place is unbelievably beautiful.

Youtube: Geysir slow motion


4) Because the island is all yours

Iceland is still a destination little explored and free from big groups of tourists.  The early you visit the country the bigger are the chances to enjoy the landscapes almost by yourself.


5) Because you can explore the entire country

Every inch travelled in Iceland is worthy many pictures and memories that will be forever in my mind.  As the country is small, it is possible to drive around it and get to know as many beautiful locations as you have available time.

Icelandic Horses

Diamond Beach

Link to my trip map

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